Camas library is getting its own catalog

Update November 28, 2018: Camas Public Library and Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries are two separate library systems, but they have shared a catalog for many years. However, this is changing, and Camas will stop sharing the FVRL catalog after December 8, 2018, and start using their new catalog on December 13.

Here's how it affects FVRL patrons:


  • Camas items are no longer listed in our current catalog, and we will start removing them from the Classic Catalog on December 17. This may take a few weeks. But after December 8, Camas items can't be checked out or placed on hold through FVRL.
  • From November 26 through December 12, in preparation for their catalog change, Camas is no longer pulling items from their shelves to fill holds.
  • If you place a hold on an FVRL item, you'll need to select an FVRL library as the pickup location.
  • If Camas has the only copy of an item, but you'd like to pick it up at an FVRL library, you can request that FVRL purchase a copy or request it through interlibrary loan.

Library cards

Through December 8, FVRL patrons may still use their FVRL cards at the Camas library, and Camas patrons may still use their Camas cards at FVRL libraries.

After December 8, the next time a Camas patron visits an FVRL library or an FVRL patron visits the Camas library, we'll update their account and issue a new (reciprocal) card. No need to fill out a new application!


After December 8, you may still return items to either library system, but we recommend returning items to the system that owns them (Camas or FVRL). Why? Camas will not be able to check in FVRL items, and FVRL will not be able to check in Camas items, so your items won't be checked in until they've been delivered to the owning library system. We'll still have delivery service with Camas, but delivery will decrease as time passes.

Learn more about Camas's new catalog on the Camas Public Library website.