Computers, Printing & Technology

Use library computers

  • Log on to any available internet computer with your library card or a guest pass. Please note: Some of our libraries have computers with age limits in the teen or tween areas.
  • Use the machine in 60-minute increments. There are no time limits as long as nobody is waiting. Please note: Express computers have a 15-minute time limit.
  • Are all computers in use? Ask a staff member to reserve the next available computer for a guaranteed 60-minute session.
  • Save your work to your personal USB drive or online storage.
  • For more information, see our Library Internet Use Policy.

Print, copy or scan

  • The first time you want to print or copy in the library, be sure to log on to any internet computer first. This will register your library card with our system.
  • Send your print job to the printer/copier from our computers.
  • To print: Attached to our printer/copiers is a release station. Scan in your library card or use the provided stylus to enter your card number. This logs you into the printer and allows you to "release" your print jobs.
  • To make copies on the library printer/copiers: Scan your card or use the stylus at the release station. The copier should then be ready to use.
  • To scan: Our new printer/copiers will allow you to scan to your personal USB drive at no cost.

Print remotely or wireless

Learn how to print remotely from any internet-connected device (including laptops and mobile devices or home computers).

Printing and copying costs

Library card holders get a daily 30¢ credit that will allow you to print or copy three free 8½ x 11 black & white pages each day.

Cost for additional copies or color copies:

 Black & whiteColor
Letter (8½ x 11)$0.10$0.50
Ledger (11 x 17)$0.20$1.00
  • The Payment Kiosk accepts credit cards, debit cards, and cash (coin and $1, $5 and $10 bills).
  • Credit/Debit Customers: Please note that a small authorization hold of $5 occurs after you swipe your card. This is a standard practice, and the unused portion from your copies/prints will clear from your bank within 24 hours.

More available technology


Use free, unlimited Wi-Fi at all locations except Yale Library Express.


Check out a Chromebook laptop device at any branch for internet use in the library. You may save to your own USB drive or print remotely.

3D printers

FVRL has 3D printers which are used for programs and are also available for patron use in several branches. Learn how to use them, or find a 3D printing program in our events calendar.

Microfilm/microfiche readers

View 35mm or 16 mm microfilm or microfiche on our readers at Goldendale, Stevenson, Vancouver (downtown), or White Salmon. Printing is available. Find out what microfilm is available at FVRL libraries.

Adaptive technology

Learn more about adaptive technology at FVRL on our Accessibility page.

Die-cut machine

Bring your own paper and use the die-cut machine at Vancouver (downtown), Level 3.

Electric typewriter

Bring your own paper and use the electric typewriter at Vancouver (downtown), Level 4.