Forum @ the Library

Mission statement

The Forum @ the Library seeks to be a catalyst for civic and community engagement in Clark County by providing a neutral environment for citizens to come together, learn about, and discuss differing viewpoints on local issues in a spirit of respect and discovery.

What is it?

Democracy depends on citizens engaging with each other to push and pull on topics that matter to them. When community members discuss issues, share viewpoints and hear other opinions in a neutral setting, they build connections and foster a climate of respect and problem solving. Democracy is strengthened and communities thrive in this environment.

Forum @ the Library is the return of a popular series held regularly at the former Vancouver Community Library, on hold since the opening of the new library in 2011. Forum @ the Library’s steering committee is composed of community members and library staff who are committed to good governance by informed citizenry and lively, respectful dialogue among community members.

Forum @ the Library events are held approximately quarterly.

Upcoming programs

There are no programs on the calendar right now. Please check back.