Invest in Ridgefield Community Library

FVRL is working to build a new home for Ridgefield Community Library that will provide more materials, resources, internet and computer access, and additional space for meetings, study, programs and workshops.

Project fact sheet—7/2018 (PDF)

Progress and next steps:


  • At the FVRL Board meeting on Monday, May 21, the Board voted to negotiate the acceptance of the Ridgefield Community Center building to provide expanded library services. Negotiations are underway and should be completed soon.
  • Phase I & II environmental analyses of the site have been concluded and are available on this page (at right).
  • FVRL Trustees have set aside $1 million for the building project.

What's next?

  • Conducting an appraisal of the building and geotechnical analysis
  • Seeking legal counsel to establish the terms of the agreement
  • Sending out a Request for Qualifications for architects and other consultants
  • Developing a full budget for the project
  • Establishing a plan for fundraising with the FVRL Foundation and the Friends of Ridgefield Community Library
  • Working with the public and community partners to map out the community's needs in a new library

How you can help:


2015, 2016:

  • FVRL started working with community stakeholders to find suitable property.
  • At the same time, the Friends of Ridgefield Community Library began fundraising.

October 2014: A Pre-Design Study by FFA Architects, with input from the communities involved, recommended library square footage and features and included projected possible costs.

December 2013: A facilities study by Berger ABAM identified the need for new library facilities in Woodland, Ridgefield and Washougal.