New Computing and Printing Software

The Library is updating and simplifying the way you use internet computers, print and make copies, starting in October 2017. Check the schedule at the bottom to see when you'll see these great changes at your library.

Use internet computers

  • Log on to any available internet computer with your library card.
  • Use the machine in 60-minute increments. There are no time limits as long as nobody is waiting. Please note that Kids, Tweens, Teens and Express computers will still have the same time and age limits as before.
  • Are all computers in use? Use a reservation computer to reserve the next available computer for a guaranteed 60-minute session.
  • See a computer become available before your reservation? Use it. Please note this does NOT guarantee a 60-minute session.
  • Save your work to your personal USB drive.

Print and copy

  • Send your print job to the copier/printer, go there to release the job and/or pay—all in one place!
  • Send print jobs from any mobile device to print at your local library. Look for instructions soon!
  • Print or copy three free black & white pages each day. Further black & white pages are 10¢ each.
  • Choose to print or copy in color for 50¢ per page.
  • Scan to your personal USB drive at no cost.

Implementation schedule

  • Week of Oct 13 - Stevenson
  • Week Oct 23 - Vancouver
  • Further branch dates to be announced