Off the Page: Real Stories Told Aloud

What is it?

Your neighbors, your friends, you... everyone has a personal story to tell. Live and without notes, people from the community tell personal stories to entertain, inspire and connect. Join us to listen, or to tell your own story.

Upcoming dates in the series

Do you have a story to share?

We are seeking unique, personal, true stories that relate in some way to the theme for the event.

Please fill out the form below to pitch your story. Filling out this form does not guarantee a spot at the next show, but please know that it is our intent to work with as many different storytellers as possible.

Pitches should be 300 words or less. In your pitch, please help us understand the entire arc of your story. Your story will be 6-8 minutes long--300 words should be more than sufficient to give a sketch of the story arc.

Want to speak it instead of write it? We'd be happy to accept a recording, 2 minutes or less, telling us what your story is about. You can email it to ascott[at], and note that you have emailed it in the form below.

Pitch Guidelines:
Here is a helpful format to guide the crafting of your story:

  • THE BEGINNING - What was the world like before the story started?What were you/the situation like? This is typically one of the more brief parts of the story.
  • INCITING INCIDENT/CATALYST - What happened that changed your world-that shifted the course of things? Did you meet someone? Receive some news? Have something happen to you?
  • RAISING THE STAKES - What did you stand to gain or lose? What is the predominant emotion here — what hope or fear drove you? This is typically the longest part of the story.
  • TURNING POINT - What finally changed this situation, for better or worse? Did you succeed/fail/feel a shift? Did you get what you wanted?
  • THE WORLD AS IT IS FOR YOU NOW, OR RIGHT AFTER THE STORY - How did the act change the way you operate now/see things/change your perspective? Can you make that universal for an audience to relate to?

Thank you! We look forward to hearing more about you and your story.

Our thanks to Back Fence PDX and SuperThank for their pitch model.