Education & Schools

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Accredited Online Colleges

Seek out online colleges and courses in undergraduate, masters, and PhD programs in your area of interest. There are even continuing education resources for veterans.

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Clark College

Find courses to start a degree, complete a certificate, or catch up on continuing education in Vancouver.

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Clark College ESL

Learn to speak, read, and write English from the instructors at the main Clark College campus.

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College Source

Find colleges and universities based on location, major, etc., then follow links to their websites.

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Columbia Gorge Community College

Attend programs including college transfer, professional technical, basic skills development, business and industry training, and community education in The Dalles.

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Federal Student Aid

Look for financial aid available to help pay for college, find out how to apply, and file the FAFSA.

Page is also available in Spanish.

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Find scholarships for your education based on your location, major, gender, ethnicity, or even application type.

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Learning Disabilities Association of America

Access information and referrals via this national non-profit advancing the “education and general welfare of children and adults of normal or potentially normal intelligence who manifest disabilit

ies of a perceptual, conceptual or coordinative nature."

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PhD Program Finder

Explore 19,079 programs at 2,240 US universities by searching with your graduate program priorities to find just the right institution for you to pursue your education.

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Special Education Resources

Link to a host of websites on different kinds of disabilities and services available to the disabled.

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The Wash Board

Sign up to have scholarships matched to your needs and interests, or just search for scholarships by keyword.

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