Library Services

Please note is available in select libraries; is available in all libraries; is also available outside the library with your card; and is freely available online.

Catalog & Reading Lists

Browse the lists of newly added items, lists by genre, or age group.

Seek out books, eBooks, large-print books, audiobooks on CD or playaway, eAudiobooks, DVDs, playaway views, book discussion kits and more to borrow and enjoy.

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Classic Catalog & Award Winners

Browse lists of bestsellers and award winners, search for books, audiobooks, large-print, DVDs, and more that you can borrow and enjoy.

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BookMyne App

Install the library app for ease of managing your account and searching for books from a phone or tablet.

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English Conversation Circles

Join other English language learners and volunteers to practice speaking English in a warm, friendly environment.

Groups meet to practice at several locations throughout the district, and some locations provide activities for children.

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Library Elf


Keep track of activity on multiple FVRL library card accounts. Create an account and add library cards to it to have all physical holds, due dates, and notifications in one place.

Follow these instructions to sign up or add library cards to your account.

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NextReads Book Lists

Sign up to receive reading suggestions regularly via email or check the lists online whenever you like. There are over 24 genres for all ages from which to choose.

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Sophie Reads Kits

Find a variety of items to explore with your young child on a given topic in these librarian-built bags of books, activities, and more intended for pre- and beginning readers.

Please note, you may only check out two (2) Sophie Reads Kits at one time.

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Find items--books, audiobooks, journals, and sometimes even articles--within and beyond FVRL's collection.

Although you can access this without a library card, you must use your library card if you wish to start here in requesting an interlibrary loan.

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Book a Librarian

Make an appointment for individual help using library services, finding new authors or titles, doing research, or learning computer basics.