front of Vancouver Mall Library
front of Vancouver Mall Library

Vancouver Mall Library

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8700 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, Suite 285
Vancouver WA 98662
In Vancouver Mall



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Branch Manager

Brandon Cruz

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+ Statistics & History

2019 service statistics

Circulation: 210,229
Visits to library: 127,108
Programs offered: 364
Program attendance: 5,127
Reference questions: 10,738

Building information

Ownership: Centennial Collection
Square Footage: 3,575

Library history

2018: Library renamed Vancouver Mall Library.

2013: Location remodeled and reopened April 6 as the more compact The Mall Library Connection. See photos of the project.

2000: Branch moved to larger space.

1997: Name changed to Vancouver Mall Community Library as branch is moved to larger space.

1983: Library at Vancouver Mall opened in November.