Bookmark contest

Note: We're not having a bookmark contest in 2019. Check back later for future plans!

The 2018 bookmark contest is over, and it's time to say...

Congratulations to the winners!

Entries were judged on design, originality, and reproducibility for printing, and will be printed for library use. Winners were picked in four different grade categories: 

Winning bookmark design for grades 3-5--spaceship, planets, "Read"

Maximos R., grades 3-5: "Read"

Winning bookmark design for grades K-2--"Explore a good book!"  Winning bookmark design for grades 6-8--"Book all your days with reading"  Winning bookmark design for grades 9-12--hummingbird and candle

Jack T., grades K-2: "Explore a good book!"
Haley C., grades 6-8: "Book all your days with reading"
Jaycee R., grades 9-12: Hummingbird and candle

A big thank-you to everyone who entered the contest! Visit our Flickr collection to see all the 2018 contest finalists from each branch.