Summer Reading Bookmark Contest

Congratulations to the 2016 Winners!

Top to bottom, left to right: Lou K, Kindergarten; Lusa F, grade 1; Lila S, grade 2; Joymae C, grades 9-12; Kyler H, grade 3; Victoriya Y, grade 4; Tamsyn L, grade 5; Adalie S, grade 6; Avalin S, grades 7-8.

bookmark art of otter driving a book that is a race car     bookmark art of books excercising in the woods

bookmark art of purple book chasing a green bookmark as they approach the finish line of a race     bookmark art of person in boat rowing across the sea toward the moon with goldfish leaping all around

bookmark art of reading rocket blasting off     bookmark art of a bookworm atop stack of books on a green background     bookmark art of little mice climbing stacks of books in yellow background     bookmark art of rocket made of books in space     bookmark art of blacktop disppearing into a book on the horizon

Each design is available as a bookmark at while supplies last. Visit our Flickr collection to view art from all the contest finalists from 2016.