Volunteering at the library offers enjoyable work in a dynamic environment as well as the satisfaction of knowing how much your efforts benefit your community. It requires a commitment of your time, usually on a regular schedule, plus participation in some basic orientation and training.

How to become an FVRL volunteer

  • Submit a volunteer application (online application is limited to those 13 years and older, by federal law).
  • Applicants 18 years and older will be asked to complete a Washington State Patrol background check form. FVRL will process this form prior to making any decisions on individual placement.
  • Applicants 12 years and younger who would like to volunteer should email or call the district's volunteer coordinator at volunteer@fvrl.org or 360-906-5075. Youth applicants may also apply in person at their local library.

Please note that applicants are reviewed before placement is considered, and there is often a waiting period.

In some cases it may take some time before an opening occurs. If you have a due date to complete hours for a program, please contact the volunteer coordinator directly. We appreciate your interest and patience in the volunteer placement process.

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Policy information for volunteers

FVRL volunteers must follow all FVRL policies and will be asked to agree to the conditions that are part of the online application. Policies most directly related to volunteers include: