Reciprocal & Partner Libraries

Are you a member of a partner library?

Camas Public Library

In the past, Camas Public Library contracted with FVRL to share a catalog, which allowed all our patrons to borrow physical materials owned by both systems. However, this system has changed, and Camas has their own separate catalog as of the end of 2018. Learn what this means for FVRL and Camas patrons.

Yale Valley Library District

Yale Precinct residents are issued an FVRL card. The Yale Valley Library District contracts with FVRL to provide access to material and services. Yale Precinct residents are automatically eligible to receive books by mail, and may take advantage of other services at Yale Library Express and nearby FVRL locations.

Reciprocal libraries: Get free library cards outside FVRL

As a member of the Metropolitan Interlibrary Exchange (MIX) and other reciprocal agreements, FVRL makes it possible for FVRL resident cardholders (including Yale Precinct) to get a free card to use nearby libraries. You'll need to register for a library card at each library system you'd like to use. Check out and return materials at the library or library system that issued the library card. Other library systems may have different registration requirements, rules and fees. We have reciprocal agreements with these libraries: