Confidentiality of Patron and Circulation Records Policy

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Fort Vancouver Regional Library District recognizes the need to protect the confidentiality of patron records as described in this policy. The Library Executive Director is responsible for establishing administrative procedures necessary to carry out this policy.

The Washington State Open Public Records Law requires public agencies to provide records on request; RCW 42.56.070. There is an exemption to this law for certain library records; RCW 42.56.310. Records kept primarily to maintain control of library materials or to help patrons gain access to information are exempt. FVRL will disclose exempt records to others only with the Library patron’s request or consent, or with a valid court order under applicable state or federal law.

Patron records may be consulted and used by Library staff in the course of their library-related work, as determined by the Executive Director.

This policy applies to all FVRL patrons. Parents, guardians or caretakers of a child under age 18 who wish to access a child’s record of materials checked out or overdue, must provide the child’s library card, card number or verify through other information on the account.


Board Approved: Original policy January 29, 1975
Revised and Reaffirmed August 17, 1981
Continuation of Confidentiality of Circulation Records Approved: October 14, 1991
Policy name revised for easier indexing, 2/10/03 (formerly titled Confidentiality of Patron Records)
Revised: April 9, 2007
Revised: September 18, 2017
Revised: April 16, 2018