street side of La Center Community Library
street side of La Center Community Library

La Center Community Library

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1411 NE Lockwood Creek Road
La Center, WA 98629


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Jurinda Swingruber

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Friends of the Library Bookstore: shop for gently used books at bargain prices during regular library hours.


+ Statistics & History

2017 Service Statistics

Circulation: 56,726
Visits to library: 33,403
Programs offered: 199
Program attendance: 6,312
Reference questions: 1,781

Building information

Ownership: Robert Colf
Square Footage: 3,380

Library history

Early 2001: Margaret Colf Hepola saw new life for a historic circa 1905 hospital building as a public library and saved it from being destroyed in a firefighter burn exercise.

May 2001: Friends of La Center Community Library formed.

August 2001: The hospital building was moved 1/2 mile to its current location on NE Lockwood Creek Road. The building was then transformed into a library thanks to the generous contributions from the Colf Family Foundation, Friends of the Library fundraising, multiple grants and donations, and the library district.

May 8, 2004: The library opened to the public.