Naming and Recognition Policy

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL) welcomes support from individuals, families, corporations, and charitable organizations. FVRL offers a considerable range of opportunities, identified in the Gifts Acceptance Policy, for naming and recognition. Future FVRL building plans also present opportunities for private support including naming and recognition.

The intent of a Naming and Recognition Policy is to enable FVRL to recognize extraordinary generosity on the part of individuals, corporations, foundations, and other donors. This policy reflects the district's appreciation of community members who support libraries and who choose to leave a legacy by providing funding.

Generally, libraries will be named after the communities they serve, their geographic location, or a similar geographic nexus. However, a library may be named for a significant donor or in recognition of a person's significant contribution to enhancing library service to the residents of the FVRL district. The donor for whom a library is named will receive prominent recognition on the exterior of the building and/or on external signage.

Naming opportunities also exist for meeting rooms, reading areas, special use areas, collections, equipment, gardens, walkways and other interior and exterior spaces, furnishings, and art. This policy ensures consistency over time and across the district's service area.

Naming opportunities and donor recognition will be based on a variety of factors, such as construction, equipment and collection costs and the size of the donation. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject naming proposals.

Naming library facilities, rooms, areas, and spaces

  1. Generally, a library shall be named for its geographic location, followed by the words "community library." Its signage shall also state that it is a branch of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District. If a library is to be named for a donor, then the language shall be determined by the ad hoc Naming Committee described in Section IV.
  2. An entire library facility may be named for a donor who makes a significant monetary contribution to the library, that comprises a substantial portion of the overall cost of the project. However, when portions of the facility, e.g., a reading room or gallery, bear the names of other donors in addition to the major donor, the FVRL Board of Trustees shall determine the size of the gift required by the major donor.
  3. Named spaces must include the function of the area, e.g., the "Childrens Room," the "Young Adult Area" in addition to the donor's name. To receive such recognition for a named area, the donor must contribute a substantial portion of the cost associated with the construction or remodeling of the area. Cost will be determined by square footage cost, actual cost of equipment, on-going cost, etc. depending on the specific area.
  4. Naming privileges for government or public funding sources will not be considered.
  5. Named areas within facilities shall bear a plaque citing the significant contribution of the donor. The Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation, in cooperation with FVRL, will provide plaques or other commemorative items.
  6. Naming proposals for entire facilities shall be formalized in writing with the donor and then submitted to the FVRL Board of Trustees for their approval. Only the FVRL Board of Trustees may grant approval.

Recognizing furniture and equipment donors

  1. The manner of recognition will be determined by the FVRL Executive Director or designee, and when appropriate in cooperation with the Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation. In all cases, the type and scope of donor recognitions required by the donor will be weighed against the benefit to the library.
  2. Furniture and equipment donors will generally be recognized with appropriate plaques or signage that will continue for the life of the furniture or equipment.

Naming and recognizing art and book collection donations

  1. A collection accepted under the terms of the Gift Acceptance Policy and in accordance with local need, may be named for the donor. Recognitions will be affected by the size and disposition of the collection.
  2. Monetary donations for books will be recognized by placing a permanent recognition bookplate in the books purchased with donated funds.
  3. Art donors will be recognized with appropriate plaques.

Naming Committee and process

  1. The Chair of the FVRL Board of Trustees shall appoint an ad-hoc Naming Committee as necessary, to make recommendations to the full board regarding naming proposals for library facilities.
  2. Membership on the committee shall include at least one representative from the FVRL Board of Trustees, the FVRL Executive Director, and the FVRL Foundation Director. Selection of outside members, if any, shall be based on community involvement, project knowledge, fundraising goals, etc.
  3. The FVRL Executive Director or Foundation Director will be responsible for creating a written agreement for each naming opportunity for submission to the FVRL Board of Trustees for approval. The agreement with the donor shall contain conditions, terms, and payment schedule for the contribution. Donor name(s) will be displayed in the area(s) designated upon mutual agreement. The FVRL and the FVRL Foundation will acknowledge all gifts that involve naming rights.
Board Approved:
Original Policy: March 14, 2005
Revised: April 11, 2006