Training Policy

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District Board of Trustees (Board) recognizes the importance and value of Board and staff training. Attendance and participation of staff and Board members in library- or business-related meetings, conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops contributes to the enhancement of library services and operations.


Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL) supports and encourages staff members to enhance their work performance and productivity in their current positions. The Library will provide, within budget constraints, the opportunity for staff to acquire the new skills and knowledge necessary to meet the requirements of their current positions. It is recognized that some training will be mandatory.

Types of Training

Mandatory training is defined as an activity in which participation is required by FVRL as a condition of employment. Such required training normally involves acquiring skills or knowledge directly related to the staff member's current position.

Optional training may be suggested/recommended by a supervisor, or may be initiated by the staff member.

Training activities that are beyond the scope of a current position and/or are oriented toward career advancement are the individual responsibility of each staff member and are not paid for by the Library. Paid or unpaid release time may be available on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Library Executive Director or designee.


All eligible expenses related to mandatory training will be paid for by FVRL.

Regular employees who have passed probation may be eligible for partial or full funding for optional external work-related training including paid release time. The probationary waiting period shall be waived by the Executive Director or a designee when attendance is at the request of the library system.

Non-job-related training activities are paid for by the employee. Time off to participate is charged against accrued vacation or pre-approved unpaid leave.


All staff members are encouraged to continue to enhance their performance through training and development. Approval for workshops and conference attendance is not given as a favor or reward. Attendance must be relevant to an employee's job and help improve job knowledge or skills. Unfortunately, budgetary constraints do not allow for everyone to attend everything that is requested. Guidelines with established criteria to determine the basis for selecting attendees for training sessions will be followed.


The members of the Board of Trustees are encouraged to attend library-related meetings, conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops. The Library will pay, within budget constraints, for all eligible expenses associated with this training.


The Travel and Subsistence Policy shall detail reimbursement for eligible expenses.

Adopted by Board action: December 11, 2000
Amended to include Meetings, Conferences and Conventions Policy: March 10, 2003
Amended July 12, 2010