Board Members

The library Board of Trustees is composed of seven positions representing all of Fort Vancouver Regional Library District. Board members are not compensated for their time and are essentially volunteers. They are appointed by a joint resolution of the commissioners of Clark, Skamania and Klickitat Counties, generally for 7-year terms. The three counties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (it includes an amendment) that specifies details about board members' appointments. Clark County has a Resolution that describes their appointing procedures.

Brian Caricco
Position #5 (Clark County/City of Vancouver)

Libraries are important to Brian's family—his two young children make regular use of the FVRL system. "The library was an important part of my childhood and books are an important part of my life," says Brian. "I feel that libraries are vital to our communities as places where all citizens can have access to information."

Jane Higgins
Position #4 (Clark County At-Large)

"I believe that an easily accessed community library must be available to all of our citizens. Libraries were important in ancient civilizations, they have remained important throughout time, and they are even more important today."

Kelsi Gilkey
Position #7 (Clark County At-Large)

"The library's value goes beyond providing books and media."

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Position #1 (Clark County At-Large)

This position is currently vacant and in process for appointment. Contact for more information.

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Position #2 (Clark County/City of Vancouver)

This position is currently vacant. Interested applicants can find more information on the City of Vancouver website.

Mary Ann Duncan-Cole
Position #3 (Skamania County)

Mary Ann Duncan Cole is an active community volunteer, as well as an avid hiker and ham radio operator. She formerly worked as the City Manager for Stevenson.

Kate Maple
Position #6 (Klickitat County)

"I have spent most of my life working in many different types of libraries, from Air Force Base libraries, to Public Schools, across the globe. I bring to the Board what I have learned from many years of experience. Libraries are gateways to their local communities and have positive impacts on individuals' lives. Libraries are unique and valuable. I am serving on the Board of FVRL to advocate for equal services to all people."