Grow a Reader

Grow a Reader with bunny and leaves

Parents and caregivers are their children's first teachers. These resources from FVRL can help you have fun with your young children—while helping them get ready to read. 

At the library

Everyone loves stories, rhymes, and songs. Join us for virtual storytimes!

At home

Learning to read begins at birth.

Here are five simple ways we can help children get ready to read.

Badger drawing with the word Read

Read every day. Children who are read to are more likely to enjoy reading themselves.

Bear drawing with the word Write

By writing, scribbling and drawing, children learn that written words stand for spoken language.

Alligator drawing with the word Talk

Talk to your children. Children learn about language by listening and joining in conversations.

Quail drawing with the word Sing

Sing, chant and rhyme, to help your child develop listening skills and learn word sounds.

Raccoon drawing with the word Play

Play together, to help your child explore their world and begin to think symbolically.