Ridgefield Community Library
Ridgefield Community Library

Ridgefield Community Library


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In-branch (and curbside) hours:
Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat: 10–6
Tue, Wed: 10–7


210 N. Main Ave.
Ridgefield, WA 98642


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Ridgefield Community Library location at 210 Main Ave, Ridgefield WA

Branch Manager

Sean McGill

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What's happening

Ridgefield Community Library Remodel Learn all about how the library was remodeled and expanded.

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+ Branch features

  • Friends of the Library Bookstore: shop for gently used books at bargain prices during regular library open hours. Located just inside the Mill Street entrance.
  • Allene Wodaege Community Room for large gatherings. Has after-hours access from Main Ave.
  • Small meeting room for up to 10 people
  • Study space for up to four people
  • Dedicated teen and children's areas

+ Statistics & History

2020 service statistics

Circulation: 45,334
Visits to library: 8,812
Programs offered: 80
Program attendance: 810
Reference questions: 819

Building information

Ownership: Fort Vancouver Regional Library District
Square Footage: 8000

Library history

  • 1914: The Priscilla Study Club founded in Ridgefield to offer literature to its readers. Members started collecting books for their club library.
  • 1923: Priscilla Club Library opened to the public in City Hall.
  • 1934: Library portion of the new Priscilla Building opened.
  • 1961: FVRL took over the library under contract with the city.
  • 1981: City of Ridgefield annexes the library to FVRL.
  • 1982: Library remodeled.
  • 1985: Priscilla Club disbanded; Club space becomes meeting room.
  • 1985: Ridgefield Community Center Association established.
  • 1994: Library opened in Ridgefield Community Center on December 6.
  • 2018: Ridgefield Community Center board donates the entire Ridgefield Community Center to Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries.
  • 2019: The library plans a complete remodel and expansion.
  • 2020: Construction of the expanded library begins in August. The library is moved to a temporary location a few blocks away at 228 Simons St.
  • 2021: The bigger, better Ridgefield Community Library opens on July 9.