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Yacolt Library Express


Self-service hours:
Mon–Thu: 9–8
Fri–Sun: 10–6


Old Yacolt Town Hall
105 E Yacolt Road
Yacolt, WA 98675


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Branch Manager

Holland Christie

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+ Branch features

Card-access entry: enter the library by scanning your library card or typing in your card number.

Bigfoot Bookstore: the Friends of the Library bookstore offering gently used books at bargain prices. Located in one of the old jail cells.

Laptop bar: located in the lobby.


+ Statistics & history

2020 Service Statistics

Circulation: 28,975
Visitors: 4,362
Programs offered: 0
Program attendance: 0
Reference questions: 52

About the Library Express

Yacolt Library Express opened in 2012 and is housed in the former Yacolt city hall, which the town has remodeled to fit the requirements of a largely self-service library facility. FVRL has provided a collection of about 2,000 books, CDs and DVDs; furnishings and equipment, telephone connection to the downtown library in Vancouver; Wi-Fi; and part-time staffing.

Building History

The historic red brick building that now holds the library express has been home to many of the town of Yacolt’s services over the years. Three jail cells, constructed with the building about 100 years ago, still line the passageway along the east wall of the building. The cells, which still have bars for doors, were used up until the mid-1970s—so there may be some people around town who remember spending a night there (or know someone who did).

In the early years of Yacolt, the town had a hotel, a hospital, and seven saloons. The saloons helped keep the jail cells operational for decades, as a place where people would “sleep it off” after a wild night. Besides housing a jail, the building was also used at one point as a garage for the fire truck and later as the town hall.